It's Your Journey

Different people, different experience, different motivation, one ambition

Hitting better golf shots more often making
your time out on the course even more fun

We have a distinct philosophy and goal in our approach to teaching. In fact we see it as the area where the Pro Shop staff offer the greatest value to
members and guests. Of course it is up to the individual to decide how hard they want to work on their game, but we are committed to ensuring
that golfers understand what can be done to get better results and achieve greater satisfaction from their own personal golfing experience.

You can expect that we will take a personal interest in your game and
will offer assistance in helping you achieve your full potential.

Many Journeys, One Passion

Tuition with Lee Dawes, Heath Jones and Craig McIntosh

 30 Minutes - $50

 3 X 30 Minute Lessons - $120

Lesson Vouchers available in store

Four different ways to start your journey to better golf

Getting Started

For as little as $50 
an hour you can start 
your journey.
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Get Committed
Stay Committed

$100 gets you a full swing 
and equipment assessment 
& personal plan.
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Ask about our 

We have a range of programs
targeting specific results
that might interest you.
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Just a chat to 
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If you’re unsure about 
anything and would prefer 
a chat first. 
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